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Mission Statement

Social Q’z and Play, LLC main focus is to empower families and parents addressing the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders other special needs or disabilities. By providing useful tools and information that will enhance children’s ability to improve adaptability, communication and social skills. In addition to helping parents navigate, daily challenges that arise and the stigma attached these disorders and disabilities. 

While improving personal growth, knowledge and understanding for all individuals working with special needs children.


First-Rate Education for Parents and Teachers

Social Q’z and Play LLC strives to help parents by proving beneficial information and products for children with special needs. The overall goals are to provide the following services:

Providing kinesthetic, tactile and sensory sensitive learners with tools that help to Improve, educational needs, self-restrictive adaptive skills and social skills in the home and classroom environment.

*One on one Consulting to help parents and educators address the needs of the child with ASD

*Tools for a Sensory-Informed Classroom

*Fidgets and Stim Toys to Improve Focus in Children with Autism


Our Mission for Inclusion


 Informative programs, new concepts and information for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, Social Anxiety Disorder and other special needs and disabilities. Through weekly blogs, parent-to-parent outreach and individual consulting.

Social Skill building activities for children with Autism, ADHD/ADD and Social Anxiety Disorder. Helping children to improve their socialization skills by providing social interaction opportunities in the community.

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